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My Beliefs of what a true artist is:

An artist is an explorer, a connoisseur, a romantic an adventurer.
Art is born from the desire to capture the world onto a canvas and that's the goal;

An artist mission: To share our work all over the world.

For me: Pretty much the same ^.^ For my own revolution, originality is the best way to express you and what life you can create for all to see. That's the best representation of yourself, art of originality


"Though he be but little, he is fierce!"
-Shakesphere and seabiscuit!

My feelings to that quote:

For me, it means a person being judged for their appearences are the most wonderful, and beauitful, that god has ever made and have qualities higher then those who think otherwise, thus blinded by lies.

Understand in truth, passion can only be seen without eyes for no matter what our souls have no image but only reflection of that type of person we trully are.

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